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@shreya_s30d31 · 1:25

What does a complement do?

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I like your spirit. Anything that gives them hope. We don't know what the person is going through in life. But one compliment can change your mind, can put a smile on your face, can make them happy. Maybe they will even think about it and cherish it all day, even if not a day. They'll cherish it for an hour for sure. And I wanted to tell you all, please give compliments like you give your phone your time. Compliments do not cost anything

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Ayushdeep Nandi
@AyushdeepNandi2 · 0:17
Hey, Sharia, I completely agree with you on what what does a complement do? Long way. And a compliment can definitely make somebody's day. And I've been on the receiving end of a compliment. And let's just say I had a big smile on my face the whole day. So yeah, I completely agree with you on this one
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@gajal0203 · 0:13
Hi Shreya I agree with you. Giving a compliment to a person really makes the person happier from inside. So yes, we should make a compliment if you like something about someone
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