How to say sorry in Korean?

Hello, everyone. So in the fourth part of the Korean series, we are going to learn how to say sorry in Korean. Chosen hamnida means I'm sorry. I apologize. Chozen means apology. Being sorry, feeling ashamed, hamnida means I do, I'm doing. Cho sang hamnida happening. So repeat after me. Yes, you're doing right

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Hello. Thank you so much for this beautiful cell. And because learning different languages is very important. And I myself is always interested in learning different kinds of languages because languages are a point of interest for me. So thank you so much. I have these words. I have watched one Korean drama there. I've heard these words. And I love this language. Beautiful language. Thank you so much. Keep sharing more
Manveen Kaur
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I've been bingeboxing your old videos and they are so informative and your pronunciation is so like it's easy to understand and pick up and it's really, really helpful for me to, you know, pick up little words when you are watching a dramas. Then we can, you know, understand a little bit through these basic words, what they are trying to say. So it just makes you feel more connected to the K dramas. So yeah, that is so good