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Shivani Balyan
@shiv_ani.balyan · 0:54


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I think the way you represent yourself and others as an adult. Everyone grows old, but not everyone is growing up. Age, age, age. Age does not guarantee maturity. To what's your views on maturity? Guys? Let me know

Age does not guarantee maturity to everyone #sayitonswell #swell #maturity #swellcasts #spotilght #age

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Vartika Vermaa
@Vartika_Verma · 0:36
Hi Shivani, your topic is really really good maturity. I think maturity comes within a person when he realizes that you have to take responsibility for all your actions because your actions have consequences and your actions affect other people too. As long as it doesn't affect other people, that is good. You don't need to be responsible very much, but still you need to be responsible yourself, responsible for everything you do that affect others
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