And the thing is a lot of times, people like, maybe if you tire yourself out a lot, you will feel sleepy easier. I've tried that, and even now I don't try to be tired. I just do get tired because of me going out all the time. But I still can't seem to fall asleep. Even though I'm tired. I'm very much sleepy
@Shaz · 1:22
Hey, Sheaden, to be fair, I'm also not able to sleep really well, but I think it's more because of Lockdown and me having a flexible schedule. As for you, I would recommend in case you don't already, why don't you try listening to ASMR on YouTube? There's so many different ones, some which are very visual and other ones are all about the audio role playing, so you might find one that would work for you
Taylor J
@Taylor · 3:33
And so if I get heavy sleep, it's maybe a couple of hours a night, if that. And so I really wanted to change it because I found that I was drinking more coffee during the day as a result. And sleep is obviously very crucial to your overall health. So a few of the things that he suggested, one, there is an obvious need to not eat right before bed, and that's something that a lot of people myself included, tend to ignore
Diya Patel
@diyapatel264 · 1:42

Yeah, actually, we have a family friend. His name is Nick, and he was a really. I mean, he still is a really light sleeper. Like Nick cannot sleep. I don't know why. And let's say a safety pin drops. He will wake up immediately. I feel like he doesn't even sleep at this point, like it's crazy. So he even asked for advice and something that's worked out for him