Enough with the Cinderella Adaptions!!!!😫

Okay, that movie stays at that. Then we got a part two and part three from Disney, the animated version of Cinderella. That was absolutely like Chef's Kiss. I loved the second and third. The third movie, especially so good. I'm so sad that a lot of people have missed out on the third movie. I don't know. Guys, go and watch it. If you haven't already. Those are Disney originals. Then we get an actual Disney remake as well
Hey It'sme
@Ryl · 1:58
And it just obviously does a comparison, especially with the Cinderella adaptations and remakes. I believe there are so many remakes, and I don't understand why they keep choosing to add on to that growing list because everyone's just going to compare each movie to one another, and your movie could obviously fall short. And obviously they're trying to make Cinderella so girl was that they lose her original character