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๐Ÿ’š India's 1st zero waste grocery store!!! ๐Ÿ’š

Hello listener. So I remember seeing in an Insta story about a zero waste grocery store in Los Angeles, California. I thought it was a super cool idea, but it would be a long time before such stores open in India. But I was pleasantly surprised when I found out there exists a zero waste grocery store called Seven to Nine Green Store in Colin Cherry, Kerala Beetle John, who is the founder of the Seven to Nine Green Store

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Sudha Varadarajan
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It was a zero waste lifestyle. It appears that we are going back 40 years that's it India was purely a zero waste grocery haven. And apparently in the last 40 years we have absorbed bad practices and now we are trying to go back. But now it's more expensive. It shouldn't be if you ask me, because the zero waste grocery that we used to have in those days was the cheapest way to do grocery
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@sudha oh yes!! I remember that

Oh, my God. Yes. I remember when it was really young as well. A lot of the provision stores, which are not supermarkets, used to have a similar delivery style as what I mentioned, pulses and sacks and oils and containers which they put in a container that we brings