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@Shaz · 2:37

Indian superstitions I follow out of habit - Do you have any?

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The second one is don't sweep clean or mop the house when somebody is leaving or immediately after someone leaves. Well, I understand part of it is because if you have a guest or someone come to your house, you don't want to be cleaning your house then. But this is also from a similar morbid sentiment. As soon as a dead body is removed from a house, the house is thoroughly cleaned

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Poojitha Rajendran
@Pooji · 1:31

First day of every month

And one extra thing that we do in our house is that we don't spend on the first day of every month and especially for unnecessary reasons for a few things that are not needed. But you just go get it anyway like that, or we try to not spend on medicine and we try to be as happy as can be. The reason behind it is that we feel how we are on the first day of a month is how we are going to be for the rest of the month
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