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DIYs gone wrong! 🤦🏻‍♀️

Whether you add rose water or some other essential oil to it, it will still smell like eggs, like raw eggs. And for some people with sensitive smell, it could be far worse for you, and it hurts a lot as a gelatin sets in and turns hard and you pull it and it tugs on your skin. And it has is a very good grip. So if you like these DIY, I suggest you do them at your own risk

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Poojitha Rajendran
@Pooji · 1:23

DYI's are a good when you find the right one

And usually that are easiest to do. If you wouldn't mind, I would like to suggest one for your hair, which is you can take dry rice soak it up for overnight, or maybe to strain the water, add some little bit of Castor oil, pour it in a spray bottle and you can spray it on your hair, leave it for an hour, and then you can go about washing your hair as the regular. You can also try onion
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@Pooji 😅

Thank you for the rice water DIY. I've been hearing about it from a lot of other sources as well. And yes, people in my home, that is my mom did ask me, am really going to put honey in your hair. But she asked me after I had already applied it so nothing there. I feel like the banana traumatized me more than I thought. The Honeywood
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Sohini Joarder
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Oh, my God. I've tried so many DIYs for skincare and hair and everything. And every time the byproduct the output is not actually how I expect. Like once I tried something with eggs and I guess and it was so smelly. I had to wash it off with shampoo conditioner multiple times, then apply hair spray. Then I had to go to a salon to get it done with those hair creams and everything. It was smelling so bad
payal sachdeva
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And then I take a hotel steam and that's it. And for my face I just use scrub and Multani MITI face back once in a week, or maybe once in two weeks. Sometimes that's it. That's my only skincare and my hair care