What technology astounds you?

So I'm just wondering, what bit of technology are you looking at over the last decade or so that you kind of Marvel at and is the signifier of just how far we've come with technology

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Average Joe
@AverageJoe · 1:59


Now, looking around, smiling, blinking in really solid clarity, because I've been doing a bunch of photo restoration stuff as a hobby. There are some amazing AIS out there right now. You can't even wrap your head around what's happening, but it's happening. So check this out. And yeah, so today, in this moment, right now, this Deep nostalgia AI is just blowing me away
Izzy S-L
@Izzy · 1:35

Video games

No, granted, I know that I'm not that old. I probably sound ridiculously young saying that. But compared to the graphics of The Last of US and other games like that that are hyper realistic, I just cannot believe how far video games have come. The animation is absolutely incredible, and I'm just blown away by it. Quite frankly, I don't know if that will ever go away for the rest of my life
Taylor J
@Taylor · 0:43
I've always been really fascinated by things that fly. And so when drones became a pretty popular thing, I was really intrigued with all the different uses and sort of the evolution over the years. And actually, this morning, I was watching my local news coverage and they were talking about they showed a segment of drones being used at farms to essentially help with picking fruit
Dewuan .
@FryedOreo · 1:03
At first, I didn't know how to answer this question until I listened to the comments, but for me, the last astounding thing I've stumbled across is Google Lens. I think that is amazing that you can take a picture of something, and Google and all of its index of reference power can find it is what you're looking for. So there's some stuff it hasn't found, but that's seldom happens. But it's helped my investigative skills go through the roof
Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 1:08

3 D printing meat 🥩 https://www.redefinemeat.com/

I am blown away by the fact that you can 3D print a cut of steak right now in Israel, they've just perfected. I mean, it's a journey, but they've taken the stem cells of cows and they've put them into this very specific, food based stuff that makes you able to say, I'd like a prime rib, and you can print the prime rib. And it's very Star Trekky
Zelly Dunsay
@zelly · 1:14

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I would say screens in general, I am absolutely floored by the fact that my iphone, which I'm holding in my hand right now to record this has such a crisp and clear screen. It's so bright and it's dynamic. I love that it dims and brightens and it's absolutely incredible. I actually bought a television a few months ago first Tim in well over ten years, and I'm amazed by it. I really am. The picture is ridiculous
Tim Ereneta
@Tim · 1:10

💉 mRNA vaccine

Yes, I am very impressed. And I'm an enthusiastic user of the mobile devices we carry around in our hands with all the computing power and the AI and the apps and the ability to take photos and listen into music from anywhere, anytime. That is amazing. All that. Yes. And the technology that is blowing my mind is messenger RNA vaccines
Chi Anonï
@Chi_Anonymous · 2:02

Air fryer.

I haven't listened to everybody's responses. I haven't. I listened to yoursy. So I don't know if anybody mention this, but me and my sister were talking about this the other day, like two weeks ago. For me, time and time again, I will say the air Fry, and she thinks it's so funny because she's like, out of all technology. You think that's the thing to me? I guess, because technology has moved so quickly throughout my life
Ryan Cartier
@Cartier · 3:35

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So very interesting, both from it might be what allows the US to experience enough growth that it can pay off its debt, along with a number of other countries that need a growth industry to generate enough revenue to pay off debt, period. Like it might be the saving thing for the United States and also a number of other interesting factors, because it's going to cause people to re evaluate a whole number of accepted norms right now
Ramòn Benzàn
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Stephen Fry
@stephenfry · 1:37

Are we hung up on chronology?

Well, my two cent worth is to observe that we do get hung up on the order in which technology arrives in our lives. When it comes to the improvement of pictures on phones or elsewhere, that's really just to continuation of Moore's Law, isn't it? It's the same technology, but it's refined and improved in its manufacturing process, essentially just fitting more transistors into the same space. And while that's no small thing, of course, it isn't a new technology ultimately
Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 1:23

@stephenfry "felting" cotton ( not sheep) 😜

Stephen, that's a very provocative thought, you know, above. In this in this thread, I talked about 3D printing of meat, and that's definitely a technology that blows my mind. But to your point, about the things that are ancient but completely modern mindblowing, like knitting. Last Sunday, I learned how to felt. And that's a very old technology of taking a needle and just pounding a piece of cotton until it becomes something else
Sudha Varadarajan
@sudha · 1:50
Hey, Shane, I have actually two pieces of tech that completely astound me today. The first is quantum computing. I think that that is something that's going to be very disruptive to our our lives when it becomes mainstream, because with quantum computers, one can easily break the security protocols we have in place today, leading to a high degree of cyber crime and completely turning our world upside down