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Deep dive movie discussions - INTERSTELLAR

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"…I want to start a swell cast series called Deep Dive. Movie discussions basically choose a movie and then discuss in great detail over its merits, demerits, and everything it's got to offer. So for the first movie, I'm going to choose Interstellar. It's my favorite movie and it's also for you because I remember you telling me that it's also one of your favorites. So the way this is going to work is I'm going to split it into three parts.…"

INTERSTELLAR - movie plot with no spoilers @vikas


Shammi Mohamed

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"…And then he hasn't said a proper goodbye to her. And he's like driving away in his truck, and his daughter does come out in the end, but it's too late. He's already gone. And while he's going, he actually moves the blanket on the passenger side to see if his daughter is hiding there in reference to something that happened earlier in the movie. It's a very emotional moment where he's torn apart with this emotion.…"

The good... spoilers beware

Shammi Mohamed

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"…And the next thing is, like Dr. Mann, who is the brightest Matt Damon ends up going a little cuckoo or rather like getting greedy or selfish to save himself. But then, given his caliber of expertise, he ends up rigging a robot to blow up and ends up going back. So what was his real plan? I could never understand. I can understand that his dastardly plan to get them to come there so that they can rescue him. But what was his plan afterwards?…"

The bad.. spoilers beware

Shammi Mohamed

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"…It's just this weird, like I'm going to go in. Everybody moves out, Mano, Mano with my daughter one on one. And we have this really lovely talk. It brings this nice conclusion, and you put a lid on this whole tension that he's been having all along, and then she kind of releases him.…"

The ??????? Spoilers beware

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"…And they were only supposed to go there for a few seconds just to come in and get out and get the information out and then go to Doctor Man's Planet. But I think it turned out to be a very poorly orchestrated scheme, especially because the Van Hathaway's heroics. Let's just put it that way, but yeah, I don't really have anything usually bad to say about the movie purely because of the black hole scene in general spoilers.…"

Constant advocate for the movie


Shammi Mohamed

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"…I mean, like, I was just to have such a beautiful answer of, like, yes, future beings that can actually construct n dimensional space time have constructed this for a very specific reason. And I also really love the fact that they keep everything happening in this one universe and not apparel universe.…"

Vikas Gupta

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"…Interstellar is one of my favorite movies as well as Shammi. You type me when you first posted about it. It's been such a long time, though, since I've seen it that I think the some of the topics that you mentioned, things that you talked about the movie. I had a hard time recollecting things for me.…"


Shammi Mohamed

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"…Hey, VicAs, thanks for your response. That was wonderful. As we were looking through, I just had a few more things to add and a link to also share. That was very interesting with regards to interstellar, which I will share. So the first thing that I wanted to add was I really loved the whole percentage measure that they have with humor and honesty and with relationship to the robots. Right? Does he have a humor setting? Does he have an honesty setting?…"


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