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Hello there and welcome to Infodump, the podcast where people dump info about their special interests. My name is Shack and I'm here to hear you hyperfix Eight. Joining me today is my good friend Adam Anderson, to tell us all about the elusive lore of the five Night Nights at Freddy's franchise. For anybody who doesn't know Five Nights at Freddy's or FNAF for Short is an indie horror franchise kicked off for the first game in 2014

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We’ve Always Been Here !
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Hi Shack, good job on your Swell. I really like your idea of your podcast. I've always really liked it and I think starting it out with someone who knows everything about FNAF is going to be really, really cool and it I would actually listen to it. Yeah. Your Swell post seems very organized and I can follow it easily and it leads into the discussion really nicely. I'm also super interested to see what your guests and you have to say about these hyper fixations you talk about
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Hey, Shack. Just wanted to say I love the idea. I've loved info down from the beginning. The title is spectacular. I think about it outside of class. It's one of the things that stick with me the most from the class, one of the podcasts that sticks with me the most. So I just want to say you're doing freaking awesome, dude. And I'm really excited to keep hearing from you and your podcast and all the things that come from it
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