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How would you redesign the educational system?

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"…The educational system was designed for a bygone era. But what if we redesigned it from the ground up? What do students need in order to be productive? Members of society were supposedly no longer in the information age, and different learned skills are needed now. And going forward things like critical thinking, problem solving philosophy. With the introduction of Google, there is a lot of information at our fingertips, so it's not as vital that we memorize things.…"

Society has different needs than it once did. What would you keep, eliminate, or introduce?


Taylor J

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"…You have teachers who basically do everything they can throughout the year to prepare their students for these tests. And many of the tests have content that is not really addressed throughout the school year. So there's that. But what that situation does is it creates this environment where the students are really not learning everything that they can learn and are instead focusing on, like this very small part of the curriculum for a really extended amount of time and are almost drilled into doing certain things.…"

Standardized testing is a big, big problem


"…To me, standardized testing is not producing well educated students. It's causing us to create parrots, in a sense, regurgitating when necessary, without nuance with very limited possible answers. I mean, if it was really about education, if it was really about creating the best society that we could, we would not determine the funding for schools based on property taxes. But in my opinion, it's never about creating the best society we can, creating the best citizens.…"

Part 1. @Taylor


"…I wonder what that world would look like if we focus on each other instead of the survival of the fittest. And as counter intuitive as that sounds, I think it would make us all better individuals.…"

(Oops!) Part 2. @Taylor

Joe DiMeo

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"…So what I think of sometimes is to have the finest teachers, the finest educators out there offering online classes and then having the people that we know as teachers in the classroom, support that program or support that. It's almost like having the stellar professor in College and then having the teaching assistant helping out the kids. I don't know if that makes any sense. I have to go down.…"

@Taylor @SeekingPlumb


"…And we can also use those things to better understand the nation that we live in, the culture that's developed from a lot of those things. And so on. When talking about books, I think there are so many more that could be more thought provoking, more inspiring, more encouraging for students to want to read. Like, I have loved to read from then until now, but a lot of those books, it was like slogging through them.…"

To keep or eliminate, that is the question. 🤪  @joedimeo

Taylor J

@Taylor · 2yr ago · 1:57

"…And this was a regular thing every year that I taught no matter what without fail. And when that situation arises, what it does is it creates this relationship where you then take on more work because you want to make sure that the student succeeds in all of their other classes. So before you know it, you're an English teacher and you're staying open at lunch so that other kids can come to your class for math help. And that was something that was regularly happened.…"



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