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The dynamite tree & the giant demon plant. For real!


"…If you stay out in the sun, this will probably be the worst sunburn you've ever had. Seriously, the reaction depends on how much fat you get on your skin, how much you're sweating and how hot the day is, how much moisture is in the air. Within 15 to 30 minutes of contact with the plant, you'll start to feel the reaction, and then you'll keep burning for another couple of hours.…"


Georgie Dee

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"…Not quite as bad as the demon plant, but it will sting all day, like all day. That thing will sting like a jellyfish sting, which we get in Australia. So you get the dock leaf and you rub it into your leg while you've been stung by a stinging nettle until your leg goes green from the plant Evo, the sting disappears. Amazing. In Australia, we have these things called double GS, and they are a thorns that grows on a grass.…"

Stinging Nettles & Double G's


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Welcome to Swell!

"…Okay. I've heard of stinging Nettles, but I had no idea. I just assumed they were like some sort of a prickly plant that would be very uncomfortable if you touched it. I had no idea. Like the stinging sensation stuck with you. I have to say that I loved the sound effect of rubbing the dock leaf on your leg until it turns green and it creates a very powerful image. Next time, if I ever encounter a stinging nettle, I will know to look for this plan.…"

I had no idea! @GeorgieDee


Georgie Dee

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"…When Nature attacks.…"


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