What is it to be human? What is its importance looking to the future?

I've read stories, Sci-Fi books, where there's, like, a branching off in this one book, I remember of humans as we know them, and then humans that incorporated DNA of various animals. And so some might have wings and some might have a, what's the word? Something hencile? Tail. I can't remember the word prehensile. That's not it. Anyway, a kind of tail, like a monkey that you can wrap it around a branch and hang on to things

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Jeremiah Myer
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But I think that's important to think about right now, the only thing that scientists are doing is changing the physical, our spirit, our soul, if you want to call it that, that is unchangeable. It doesn't matter if my physical body has false teeth, eyes that I need glasses, and hearing aids for my hearing. And it just doesn't matter if I'm an amputee and I have a prosthetic limb. It doesn't matter


And then that begins to affect how we perceive self, how we perceive others, how we relate to one another, right? And it's like this ripple on effect. And we can't really surgically draw a line, cut a line between these things, right? I mean, if you can regrow limbs, for example, well, then cage fighting, that allows for anything and everything