"Operation: Blockout"?! More like, "Operation: CONFORM!" 🀯

So these individuals who are part of the, I think they called it the digitine, the digital guillotine to the people who are part of this operation blockout is the expectation that if you coerce enough celebrities that this will influence the government to make a, what a rash decision or not take into consideration all these nuance and complexities, because that could come back to bite us in the ass, like full on, let's say, world war three and even more lives lost

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Okay, another thought is swimming in my head. I'll do another swim on that in a second. But I went back to watch that video again, and it just struck me as like, so funny when apparently some social media users are upset now because some celebrities who are now speaking out about Gaza, the social media users are saying, well, this is just performative and they're doing it to stay off the block list. You kind of set that up for yourselves to be exactly that scenario