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The fairy godmother of... smoke detectors.

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If I could, I would be a very godmother fairy godmother of smoke detectors. Detectors and batteries. Don't laugh. You seem not to hear the sounds anyway. You wouldn't even know that I exist. I would just wave a wand so that not only do you continue to not hear the sound, but nobody else does either

#fairygodmother #noise #autistic

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Georgie Dee
@GeorgieDee · 1:51

Yes Please!!!

And it has drones as well. I want my own drones, so I want a motor assistant, and I want drones that can fly around as video cameras and assist and protect and defend. Do I need the murder bot to murder anybody? I suspect her
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Funny enough, the smoke detector going off wouldn't bother me. Perhaps it being fickle. That would be annoying. And I had no idea there was a reset button. I grew up with the same idea. Mom and dad would address whatever was is going on, and my brother and I would have to wave towels at the thing. How funny. Yeah. There's no way I could reach it if there is a reset button on them now. I mean, on all of them anyway
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