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Tempest Day 3: Eshu Ellegua and Colonialism in relation to Lucumì

So in Quarantine, I took that song and I was like, Maybe I can use this for The Tempest. It is Afrocuban, first of all, which is both has extremely colonial undertones and Cuba as an island. And so I talked to my professor, who is also a priest in Lukumi, sometimes known as Santa Dia. It's a religion in the west cities. And they have these Orishas which are like, kind of like gods, basically. And each one has songs

This cast tells the story of another one of my songs from the album and I play it on guitar ready to be played in the future on a more hearty instrume

Deborah Pardes
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It's going to be so interesting over time to be able to go back to these audio journals and understand sort of the little breadcrumbs that you really are laying out here. Very cool. Your guitar was sounding warped because I think I'm just fascinated by the compression process of this experience. When you play into it, your voice is perfect, but the guitar sounds a little wobbly. I'm wondering, Sonically, or technically why that happens
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Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Yeah, I did notice that about the guitar thing. I think it could have been for a multitude of reasons. Oh, shoot. Well, just remembered something. Sorry, you can see your real thoughts on here, can't you? I think it happened for a multitude of reasons, but the main reason is that I was outside and it was trying to filter out all the wind. And in doing that, the guitar was not right next to my microphone