Sebastian Blue
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Tempest Day 1: intros and Far Off demo

Well, Hello. How's it going? My name is Sebastian Blue. If you have not known me already and you're listening to this somehow. I am a 17 year old high school musician in Los Angeles, and I am into about any genre in the world, and I play many instruments. But right now, I've decided to for my school, create what's called an independent city project. And that project is a concept album based on William Shakespeare's The Tempest

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Taylor J
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So awesome!

And within the progressive metal scene, it feels like almost every album is a concept album of some kind, but the amount of thought that goes into creating one, the amount of preparation I think is really next level. So I'm looking forward to going on this listening journey. Me as you are creating the project. And I'm glad to hear that you're sharing it with us here. So pleasure to meet you and good luck with your project. It's
Sebastian Blue
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Hey there. It's so great to hear that you are interested. It took me two days to figure out how to respond. So I am glad that you're interested and yeah, yeah. I mean, doing this project has been such a cool thing. It's a part of my school that's called an independent study project
Tim Ereneta
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Excited! 🏝

And I fell in love with the play, which I had read in College flashforward a couple of years act the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco does a full equity stage production, big budget to get David straight there and the Hollywood actor to come in and do Prospero. I'm so excited to see this show, and I hated it. Oh, my gosh. They did nothing new to reveal why this story was contemporary, what themes needed to be broken down or explored or exploded
Sebastian Blue
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Hey there. Yeah. I'm so glad to hear that. I think that what you're saying is totally resonated with me, too, because especially because the play is not only a bit tedious at some point in the like, oh, this is what happens. And this is what happens. And I didn't want to do that with music. I didn't want to be like, this is the first song, and this is the next song. You know what I'm talking about
Ruth Steinberg
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Hey, Sebastian, this is Ruth. That was just so inspiring and lovely to wake up to. I love your voice. And this project that your school offers is just an amazing opportunity. Good luck. Keep going. I can't wait to hear the next part
Sebastian Blue
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It's great to hear from you. You have officially heard more of this project than both of my parents have. I'm keeping it pretty. I'm keeping a secret from them so you can tell them what it's like, but yeah, they have not heard a single word music, which is kind of crazy that I've kept this from them. I want them to be surprised, but yes, see you soon