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Sayama Dhiman
@Sayama27 · 4:55

You have been feeling too much .. haven’t you?

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I want you to know that people are allowed to struggle and feel the pain, even if they know exactly why they are struggling. People are allowed to keep fighting in their own ways and moving forward in small steps, even if it's almost unrecognizable. In the end, what matters isn't failing or winning. The only thing that matters is trying the most you can. And by trying, I don't mean moving mountains or finishing a week's work in a day

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inder …
@inder · 5:00
Are you I'm sure it's like the pouring out of a lot of your feelings that could have come from observations or from personal experience. And I see a tinge of very close minute observation and experience in all the pain that you've been able to capture and express and then empathize with. This is such a complete package for someone who needs and I think anybody who's going through any such challenge, first of all needs a lot of listening and a lot of quiet, silent presence
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zeba sahib
@Sahibzaaadi · 4:54
But yes, there should be a will to get out of the deep dark space that you're in. The struggle is there. You're allowed to feel the pain, you're allowed to hang in there for some time. And when you feel better and then, yes, you spiral down and then you feel better and then you spiral down again. And people don't understand why this happened. She was good
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