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Here's why Uganda makes it a crime to identify as an LGBTQ individual; what does the President have to say

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On March 24, Uganda officially made it a crime to identify as an LGBTQ individual. It's shocking that Uganda's president Yogurt Musevenny suggested that he supports the bill, accusing western nations of trying to impose their practices on other people. Supporters of the new new law said that the law was needed to punish a broader array of Lgbtqia activities, which they say threaten the traditional values. I was amazed to see that the legislation was supported by nearly all of the 389 members of the parliament

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Nupur Chauhan
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For somebody who believes in the power of individuality, who believes in the power of having your own identity, be it be on any basis on basis of sexuality, on basis of your choice of gender. It's just very sad. And thank you so much for bringing this up. I hope that the voice reaches to the right ears and people just know that it's just not fine to suppress other people only because they think that they're superior to anyone else
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