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How 'Geet Dhillon' redefined the female protagonist

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What's up? Let's talk about Geith villain today. Yes, the very famous bubbly, brave, nice, kind and Upney favorite Geith, played by Karina Kapoor Khan in the movie Job We Met, released in 2000. And 711 years later, we still remember the genuine and sparkling chemistry between Karina and Shahid and the feel good vibe that it left us with. But above all, we remember Keith. True to the mysterious ways of universe, gaith enters Aditya's life on the train

"Main apni favorite hoon" - Geet Dhillon, 2007 #JabWeMet #Bollywood #collegevoiceindia #swellcast

Anisha Rodrigues
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Hey, Satwik, thank you for this. Well, it was really refreshing remembering Geet from Jabbi Met all over again. And I think it's one of the most iconic characters Karina has ever played in her career. Definitely after Babo. But yeah, she's not that friendly as a person with fans, but you cannot deny the fact that she is a fantastic actress and that she has blockbuster movies all the time. So, yeah, I really liked her in this role of Geith
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