Saskia Kaufhold
@SaskiaKaufhold · 4:30

💡 5+ new Social Audio features on facebook What do you think about it? 💬

It because as you may know I'm really into podcasts and during some podcast for companies. May this new integration will bring new new possibilities to marketing for different potcats. They are also going to be as as club house life audio, rooms a force for groups. And like famous people only, but then is going to be available for everyone on the app. But it's edit club house features with facebook features, such as you can do reactions und hardin the talk

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Dewuan .
@FryedOreo · 4:55

Facebook isn’t sexy anymore, never was really when it comes to their featur

Where you know will show the people on the screen in a little bubbles as you can move around it so I think I still have that. But I don't think people just really care about it. All that much. And I think to Modern with their data mining third party business ventures. How will they spin that into ways to get information from by utilizing these platforms are utilizing, these features halte spin into some privacy concerns musetiketabout as well, but any a is open and willing for people to try?
Mark Smithivas
@msmithivas · 3:18
So will see I keep an open mind and I will definitely give it a try when it rolls out as an independent content creator, i definitely want the option to be able to take my content elsewhere meaning outside of facebook. As you probably know facebook tens to be very they like to keep their content within their kingdom so to speak, and it is very difficult to bring content elsewhere