Saskia Kaufhold
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🎙🎧 Social Audio - How should it be used? (My Introduction Swell)

Club house has proven that once again, but I wonder how do people want to use? Social audio ebs, is it lifa? Or is it like recorded short? Podcasts like sell cast offers or should audio? Be feature? That is integrated into all the other apps? And the meantime like platforms, like linkedin and Twitter are already working hard on their own clones?

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Karan Dev
@Karan.Dev · 1:09
He saskia schnell. My name is Curanderos India. And I bin und well for a few months. And I founded lotmouseful. And the other Social media apps? Because I me will to have authentic conversations about the topics at I care about I really like sharing what I'm reading and discus sing the idea that I have with bunch of people and that's what well has been useful to me personalystemore? Us, it the more I find it useful there new uses?
Saskia Kaufhold
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@Karan.Dev Thanks for your thoughtful and interesting insights!

You need to check the ep like multiple times in an owens, think content that you can consume when you want to consume it especially odio content is really cool and ja besides the rita word you use of audio, gets more experiences and I dont know you always get a more detailed, view of the people, you're inter acting with so it feels so much closer already than other community, and I find it really really helpful to just be here to discuss certain topics and yeah, I would love to stay in contact with view and yeah, thanks thanks for your comment
Swell Team
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Welcome to Swell!

phil spade
@Phil · 3:02

My thoughts from a perspective of time

And I'm not able to as those but it's more a function of time. And then we start talking about live conversations especially when theres multiple people in the room it doesn't work for me, i know it works for other people. It just doesn't work for me. And the reason it doesnt is because my experience in Corporate america I spent witominy? Years, in Corporate america. On conference calls
Dewuan .
@FryedOreo · 4:57

What Next? I have no idea! @SaskiaKaufhold

A great example is anker date film where you can make pacasnowik used to bill itself as a so social audio hub, that was a kinn to a twitter with audio that's what it was billed as back in the day
Saskia Kaufhold
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@Wuandurful Connecting with ideas it is!! 👌🏼

It's really a bubble of startup marketers financial gurusdon't like it and I don't like the live audio thing because I always need to make time for it at a certain point in time. And I don't really get a don't really get it documented, likes well, more because here, you can have a condo and you don't need to be on the balde time. And it's really more personal for me
Dewuan .
@FryedOreo · 4:37

🤝 @SaskiaKaufhold

Saskia you know your sertinofrighten me a bit because the way you speak about club house? Speaks a lot. The reasons why I just couldn't really get into it myself. And I only brought it up as a means of I can see people see. And that's a direction social ardiashould go in even with the reasons. I gave about with swell. And it's more of a how can we say it?