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Sasha Runyen
@sasharunyen20 · 1:56

The Yoga-Heart Connection!

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Hey, swell. I am currently on a walk outside. It's such a nice day and when I need to like clear my head, going on a walk and being in nature is kind of my way to do it. But I also just wanted to share about another kind of form of physical activity that helps me clear my head and puts me in the right headspace and that's hot yoga

Yoga has so many benefits including benefits for your heart!

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Noa Lily
@Noalily · 2:36
But like you said, what you found yoga, even the slow restorative classes, have so many different physical and mental benefits. And I just thought that was really interesting to hear because you don't really hear that side as often
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Sasha Runyen
@sasharunyen20 · 2:23


I have found that, well, in the beginning, it was definitely an adjustment and a little bit of a struggle to be in that hot for an hour. But now I really love it because when you come out of the class and you kind of sweat everything out, you feel so good, and it's different than just going on a run or doing something else. You're getting this good workout, but you're also in this intense heat, which makes it more challenging
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