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What does India mean to you?

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It's an actual way of living. It's about how people from different backgrounds come together and bond together over things that they love, whether that's cricket or Bollywood or IIT. This is what India means to me as of now, an amalgamation of the old and new, the rich and poor, all with their different sensibilities, different ways of thinking, different ways of behaving, and about how all these people come together and contribute to this land. So that's what India means to me

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Gaurav Chauhan
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I can go on and on and on and on and Sanya thousand words. But I think I would just say one. And that's lifeline. I love my country. I'm so proud to be an Indian. The heritage, the culture, the people. I know we have our own flaws, but still, I would say I would not want to go anywhere else. I would not want to settle anywhere else
Karan Dev
@Karan.Dev · 2:31
Setting aside their differences is what made the Indian Army so remarkable, and therefore, which is why we should really be proud of that institution. So I think there are various there are many ideas of India. And I think in the realm of the arts, in the realm of theater, in the realm of politics, there's just so many interesting things happening on a day to day basis. So this is by far the most interesting country in the world, if nothing else
Bhomik Mathur
@Bmat · 0:57
Despite our diversity, we are together as a single country, a single entity. We may have our differences, differences of culture, language, clothing, thinking. We keep fighting every time on very several issues. But in the end, we all consider ourselves as proudly Indian. And that to me is the most fascinating thing about this country
dyan boby
@d.bobyy · 0:42
Although India as a country has many controversial ideologies to it, I still feel very proud to call myself an Indian because we are so we are so rich in heritage. We have various cultures, cultures, traditions dating back to centuries, historical landmarks, so many important things that make me proud to call myself an Indian and say that India is my country to be
Wow. Sanya, I actually admire the way you put your words. So thank you for putting up the question in the end. So that made me realize how much India means to me. So it is actually the grandest possession than I've ever had. It's the pride that I always carry and I always feel proud when I think of my country because everything is so rich. And with its richness comes the variety of problems
Sreeja V
@Wordsmith · 1:02

India: many cultures one heart ❤️

Yet there is this common thread running through undoubtedly, which is being Indian and I carry a lot of these cultures and learnings and experiences within me. They define who I am today. And I think that makes me a proud Indian and I love of my country
Ramya V
@Ramya · 0:59
Of course, India means different things to different people. But here I go trying to put together a few random phrases that defines India for me on different days at different times and in different and moods. So here goes the mighty Himalayas. Family values. Arranged marriages. Friday prayers. Mesmerizing. Hindustani music. Spicy biryani. Kashmiri carpets. The Bengal Tiger. Naril Pani. Monsoon rains. The Shadowdi express. Cricket matches names in demolished mosque. A recently built towering statue. Living Legends. Nameless martyrs
Aishwarya Sunil
@aishwaryasunil_ · 0:38
And I think that is what I believe. It there to be. It is the belief of things that that can be better. It is a belief in advancement, injustice, inequality. And that's what I mean to me
Prajwal Deshpande
@Paju · 0:23

My life.. #proudlyindian

India is everything to me. My life my John my identity for me India mean the land of emotions we have our own lifestyle to choose best telecom markets amazing volume of course secularism mouthwatering cosines Indian dramatic wakedlings etc. Etc. Etc
Tanjot Singh
@whothetansin · 3:02
Hana death. India is full of flavors. Flavors of culture, art, music and Bollywood industry. South India dances or Hamari government systems could be followed. The generation zedca time Arora so happy Republic Day to all of you and I hope you will have the same feeling of patriotism and love for your country. Have a nice day
Smita Dodamani
@Smita1999 · 0:14


Hi Sanya. Well said. For me, India means everything to me. It is my identity. I love the people, the energy, the food and the spirit. And I hope we all together, make our country proud in our own way
khushi gupta
@KHUSHI_49 · 0:06
Wow. Sanya. That was really, very thoughtful and nice
Yasha Masood
@yashamasood · 0:20
Sonya. This is very well spoken and I agree to you on so many things. And you're right. As an Indian, even I do have a different point of views about the same things. But yes, you like spoke it very beautifully and I couldn't agree more
Poonam Davkhar
@poonam_davkhar · 0:06
Yes, Sanya. It was very true. And I'm also proud of India
Shivani Balyan
@shiv_ani.balyan · 0:23

India our homeland #proudlyindian #मातृभूमि

When I saw this post, one thing click in mind. That is India, our homeland. India Hamari matbumiha, which can't be forgotten at any point of time in life. It's a pride, love and respect. India is a developing country. India has not so much technology upgrades, but still I can probably say I am Indian. It's culture, it's history. We're proud of it's. In simple words, India is everything. For me, it's
Pradeep Malarvannan
@pradeepmalar · 0:46
A home where we know a lot about it, but still we don't know many things about it. That's the best way I can put it. If you ask me what India is for me, I mean, it's basically a home thing for me, which I still have to know a lot about people, about the places, about the culture of the Indian community. That's what I call the Indian people as Indian community, because it feels so unique, you can understand
Nicky Surana
@Nicky · 0:18
India, for me, represents my roots. I can go as high as I want, as there is no limit to my potential, but I'll always be connected to the roots. And thus India is my route
Harsh Verma
@harshxcasm · 0:51
Hey, everyone. Ayah shirmayer. Basically my topic, like India. Like this world. I don't think so. Like this whole universe. Am I right? India is the best, and I'm proud to be in India. Thank you. Bye
Vivek Garg
@vivekgarg6109 · 0:16

#whatdoesindiameanstome #jaihind #hindustan @satyamtiwari

India is known for its diversity, its culture, its vibrant society, and, most importantly, its spirituality. And as a citizen of country, it's been everything to me. Sarajana satycha Indus tahamara
Manalika Das
@Manalika · 1:37

My personal perception #ProudlyIndian

So yeah, for me there are two India and we have to embrace both of them. And I think we have to basically create a balance between them and I'm sure that we will be able to achieve it sooner or later
Geetanjali Kanate
@Grace_126 · 1:08

My personal opinion on India

It's so very fascinating, but Unfortunately I do not really relate to the patriotic aspect of it. But yeah, I'm proud of a lot of things that India has to offer to me as merely citizen. But it's really nice listening to all of the comments under this post. It was a really nice post
Sadia Hasan 51
@Sadia_Hasan_123 · 0:20

#love India # proud to be indian

Hey Sanya, you expressed your views. What? What? What does India mean to you? Clearly and honestly. So for me, being Indian means everything to me. It's my identity. I love the people, the energy and the spirit and want to make my country proud in my own way. Hashtag Love India
yashasvi Gupta
@yeswithyashi · 0:10
India. To me means my heart. Because of this, we are Vivek, we are here and we owe to India
Anshika Batra
@Anshikabatra30 · 0:06


Very well spoken. India is my identity and I'm very proud to be a part of this nation
Komal Rajput
@IronHeart · 0:25
Hey Sanya, thank you so much for talking about this topic. And it's really heartwarming to see your point of view and others point of view as well. I really love that. And after the last question, I think the answer lies in everyone's answers here is so diverse and has such different thinking. So yeah, I think India, the word that comes to my mind of what India means to me is diverse and colorful
Aakansha Girdhar
@Aakanshagirdhar · 0:27

Proud indian

Whenever I hear the term India, it always just reminds me of three things. Pride, love and respect. As a citizen, I'm always really proud of the achievements our country have. Whether it's the discovery of the or the Chandrayan mission. I truly believe that there's the essence of culture and civilization both. Coming back to your point, Sanya, I truly agree upon what you said
priya jain
@curlytales · 0:21
India means family to me. The big, fat Indian weddings, the food, the nineties Bollywood music, the classical Bollywood movies, the festivities. From Holy to the Valley. This rich culture means India to me
Vaishnavi gupta
@Vaishnavi_1 · 0:39


Hi. Yes, it is totally relatable to me. Like when I was also like ten years old. We all celebrate Independence Day, Republic Day and we proudly say that, yes, I'm an Indian in now. But as we grow up, we know all the hardships and difficulties that we have in our country. But Besides that, still we are all United and we all respect our nation, our flag, our people. So that is what it is and it is a beautiful country
navya saini
@navyabcd · 2:54

#india #lovemycountry #ethnicity #religions #culture

Anyway, wherever we India a land of diverse cultures and religions. Right. Whenever I looked upon that sentence, I was always mesmerized by the beauty that it behold. No, it's not just diverse cultures and religions. Whenever I look at that sentence, I always divulge deep into the Arora that it contains
@Swastik_sharma3 · 0:52
So as you asked, panel, for me, India is like the same like you told us about the two parts and two ways in which you can describe our country, that maybe you just came up with the answer that was in my mind as well. And also, you came up with the idea of diversity in India
@Marteen · 0:34


Hi Sonia. Yeah. I think it's right that you said India is full of diversity. It's true. But you know, the way people are in maintaining its unity, significant, I think. And from India, many people are winning global awards. So I think it is nothing but India way to becoming a developed country soon
gungun bansal
@gungunbansal_ · 0:13
I really appreciate, like how you explain the question, what does any audience? And you answer it really well. Like we can connect with him. I really appreciate your work
@MeghaHindustani · 2:18
Hello everyone. Megha here answering to the question, what does India mean to me? Is India for me is not just a piece of art, it's not just about political boundaries, entity, it is about the pride, the sense of belongingness each individual feels for his or her country. For me it is not about the land, not about the mountains and Rivers and every natural thing. Of course it is about that thing also
Priyanshu Kumar
@Priyanshu257 · 0:24
Hey Sanya Franchise so I'm really glad and agree with your point of view. That how this India's identity was always inherited in us. And Moreover, I am more glad to hear the responses that you got on your swell cast. It's so happy to listen that people still vouch for this thing and voluntary support for this thing. And I appreciate
@Adityakr · 0:30


I'm so touched with your word Sanya. It's really amazing. India is a great country which have different kind of people where languages get change in every 15 to 20 km. But even after that we are all connected with a thread and this is called the huge unity in the world. And India is a confluence of many different people. Religion, language, color, Brotherhood. But this is one of the great country I'm living in and I love my India
Tashi Tsomo
@Mayatsomotashi · 0:25

#loveIndia #thankyou #peace

Hi Sonia, thanks for this question. Although I'm not Indian, but somehow I do have like instant pride dog on India as a non Indian perspective. I Das doing great, honored and grateful to India for for letting us experience the freedom without being elevated in the names of refugee. So we do regard India as my second country. I love India and thank you India
Paakhi Sharma
@paakhs23 · 0:45
What is India to me? Well, it is simply my country. It isn't me, but it is a big part of what makes me me. Sure, I don't support most societal practices in that generations before us have made societal norms. But yes, Malar, I won't use the phrase I'm very proud of my country because many Sanya times I am not
raghu raja pratap
@raghu.7484 · 0:21
Great work. Sanya. Love your soul. Cast. I'm also an Indian and I'm proud to be Indian. And I Saini to be the country of unity and diversity and well known for its personality, philosophy, science and technology. Once again, proud to be an Indian. Jahinth
1446_Niharika sharma
@Niharika_03 · 0:28

What India means to me.

Hello Sanya It was a pleasure to hear your views and everyone else's views on this topic I'm glad that you took this topic and the answer to your question sums up in this one and sentence for me and that is India is my identity that's it I cannot think of anything else other than this Whenever someone asks me this question
Kavya Jain
@kavvyyyyaaa · 0:10
Amazing words, Sanya. Really impressive. I'm really impressed by whatever you just said. Proud to be an Indian
Lakshay Bansal
@lakshayy.x · 0:26
Well, I truly agree with you, Sanya. Well, if I have to say something on India, my goodness, it would take a whole night to speak on India. It has a large population, biggest and the complex democracy. But it's our motherland. It's full of love and blessings. I would always put India in the top list
Satyam Tiwari
@satyamtiwari · 0:05


Hey, Sanya. Really amazing words and I'm proud to be an Indian
Sawna Gupta
@sawna.starbucks · 0:06
Wow. That was pretty amazing
Jeevanshi Gulati
@jeevanshigulati · 0:07
Hi Sanya. It was a pleasure to hear your views on this topic and all I want to say is I'm proud to be an Indian
Anushka Juliet
@Anushka_juliet · 1:36

#indian #proudindian

Thank you Sanya for having posted such a beautiful question and like made me think what what what what does India mean to you? Course India specifically might have a lot of laws into it, our political concern or the people itself or whatever it is. Yet as an Indian I feel very much proud being in this country and there are a lot of unique things that India holds on to where the world admires it and people don't realize the real world of our own country
Kshitij Pandey
@kshitiijjj · 0:28

#proudindian🇮🇳 #chowkidar

Those were some mesmerizing words. Just wanted to say that there are surely many duplex problems in our Constitution and also it can be corrected since we are the youth of this country, we are the backbone of this country. So we have the power, we have the time, we have the opportunities to change some systems, change some policies and bring the better. India, thank you
Moksha Arora
@Moksha_aroraa · 1:43

#mypride #mycountry #Indian

So guys, myself, Moksha, I'm very shy. So please come and say Hi. Okay. So the question, what, what, what, what? What does India mean to you? Talk about India love, respect, pride, humanity and Brotherhood. These are the most popular words which come in my mind. I'm proud to be an Indian. I know everyone is
13_Priyanshi Kumari
@priyanshi13 · 0:42

#proudtobeindian #india #reply

Yeah, correctly Sanya it Sanya. As we grow we get understanding of limitations and advantages of things, our perspective, ideas changes. Such as for my nation, I feel hour of being Indian that I am born on this auspicious land full of diversity but still unity. But sometimes when I find the limitations of our law, system and politics, it somehow makes me compare my country to others nations. But obviously all countries around this world have good and bad about themselves
Prachi Jha
@Prachi5304 · 0:33
Being Indian means to me everything. I could do anything for the country. I love the people here. I love the energy, and I want to do more to my country, and I want to bring the glory to my country in my own way. As we all know, being in Sadia Indian is having a special feeling, which not even a Singh country can give it to us, because that's where we are born and where we come from. That's why India means to me everything
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