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"…These are rumors which are ongoing delay mural. Now it's but he's proven himself on target. Rupert Ranges because as you know, a couple of weeks and that team is repeated in the Fort line. Helpwood humming song available to score goals. As you all know, King was the main man behind Son King for almost about 80% of the goals I'm quoting somewhere. Thank you.…"

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Taylor J

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"…Hey, Kojo. The name is Taylor. I really, really appreciated your first post here. Not my favorite team in the world, as you probably know, I really enjoyed your sort of write up on what's been going going on with spurs, especially after Harry Kane's injury against Liverpool this past week. You said it. I mean, the link up play between Cain and sun is just absolutely brilliant. And without that, Tottenham are going to have some problems that they need to address.…"

Great analysis! @soccer @gunners


Everything Spursy

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