Kojo Essamuah
@Sanogo · 2:10

The Blues: focus on Kai Havertz

Hello. Welcome to my podcast. I've got to compare someone today we are focused on Chelsea, the Blues. Our focus today is on the German player Kyle Habits. As you all know, Lamp, so far he has been able to produce five goals, which is not so good. He has one go in the Premier League, three goals in the D Cup and one goal in the FA cup. His performances have not been good team showed a former retire now abandoned


Taylor J
@Taylor · 1:33
Kojo great analysis. As always, I agree with you. I think that Havard should be given more time. I think that, you know, Chelsea is a club where the fans and the leadership expect pretty immediate results. And so when you spend money the way that they did on the players, they did, they were expecting pretty immediate results. And as you know, they weren't getting them. And it ultimately led to set the sacking of Frank Lampard
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