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Sweetgreen review

So I actually heard of Sweetgreen on YouTube when I was watching Emma Chairman's video, and she was talking about how she loved Sweet green so much. So it was cool to see it when we were walking and I was like, Why don't we eat here? So we tried it. And I would say that overall, it's pretty good, considering the pricing and the tastes and everything
Anna lisie
@Vanshika.B · 0:16
Hey, it seems like an interesting salad that you ate. And you're right. It could maybe have filled it up with more ingredients. And the sauces sound really great. So next time I go to New York, I might try it
Nidhi A
@nidhi.addy · 0:22
Hey, Sanjana Fragrant is actually I've been there a few times as well in New York, and it's a really, really great place. They have a lot of good salad bowls and a lot of good add ons as well. So I would also definitely recommend it. And I went to the one in New York as well. So it's a really good place to eat