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Samiksha Bharti

 · 1yr ago · 2:14

Unity: gaint strength🤝

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"…Hey guys, this is Samiksha. So today's topic is unity. Let's start with a common example. Can you break a single pencil? If yes, so why? Because it is alone. And if if we will take a bunch of pencils you can't break them. You know why? Because now they all are together. They all are supporting each other. Similarly it happens in our human life. In this competitive world, everyone is pushing back each other. Everything.…"

#sayitonswell #unityisstrength #helloswell


Urvashi Singh

@urvashi · 1yr ago · 0:03

"…Well said.…"


Ayushdeep Nandi

@AyushdeepNandi2 · 1yr ago · 0:28

"…Hey Samiksha, hope you are doing good. Your swell kind of reminded me of the famous quote that we have heard in our childhood. United, withstand, divided we fall and that is so true in our lives. When we are loan we are weak and easy to conquer but when we stand together we are strong and enriched.…"


Samiksha Bharti

@Samiksha_B17 · 1yr ago · 0:51


"…It really means that if you are with someone or someone is accompanying you in everything so you are so blessed and just take care of that person. It can be or any family member offering. So thank you so much for listening and replying over it. You're.…"

Ruzal chhabra

@Ruzal_chhabra · 1yr ago · 1:03

"…As a mixture. I really like this topic of the swell and your swell too. So you mentioned that unity is a big strength. Yeah, unity is very, very big strength. Teamwork is very important. As we can say, team means together we achieve more. If we are together, then we are definitely going to achieve more. And teamwork plays a very important role in achieving the goal. Unity is strength. When there is teamwork collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.…"

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