Indian women's premier league is all set for 2023 ..and BCCI decleared

Secretary took to Twitter to inform about the development. Also the Indian Board as well as an official statement relating the development. The basic is pleased to announce victim 18 India have limited the successful beta of India rights for the woman's. Indian Premier League season 2023 to 27. Mrs. Ye wrote in the statement so undoubtedly in every Indian or in every cricket labor, they also want to see the really exciting match for the first time in inner history Indian Cricket Premier League IP

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That shouldn't be done and you need to summarize the article first and then you have to speak about it so that will help the user and the upcoming listeners and the listeners that are currently listening to get engaged in it more and also if you ask questions at the end of it, that will also help. Plus the speed of your speaking was way too much like I listened to Swell at 1.25 x and it sounded like I'm listening to some sort of a rap not in insulting with that
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Thank you for your feedback. So I will try my best with next wells and sure I will try improve this because which you all tell it's absolutely somewhere it's ideal. I am not copied from anywhere. I'm not actually reading. I was not also read this from just like in reading try my best
Shruti Jha
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You. I think the Women Premier League of 2023 shows the development of women in India and how far women have reached. Now, it's good to see that women will be seeing in cricket too. Now, all the people who are a fan of cricket must be excited for this too, even though there are some people who might think that Women's Premier League won't be as much fun as men's. But we all know that it's going to be a real fun to watch