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Mainly negative social environment, adverse childhood experience, substance abuse, biological factors. So basically, everything ranging from the chemical markup in our brains associating criminal activity as the norm, the flouting of laws and regulations in search of control in their lives, or just in simple terms, power and domination over others to horrible experiences during their childhood. And negative social influences is a factor driving people to committing acts that in many cases turn out to be horrible and affect percent lights
Nimisha Dhami
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Childhood experiences do play an important role

Hi Sakshi, I do agree with you that the experiences of childhood do sum up to making a person how he or she is. Because I am a psychology student and studying psychology for the past three years has made me understand so many aspects of how childhood can play such an important role in understanding what a person is going through or how a person is behaving and why the person is behaving in a certain way