Gully cricket 😎

At that time we would collect money to buy a ball for 20 weeks, but nowadays everyone are capable of buying balls. Lots of balls. But no one is there to play cricket. Today's. Generation don't know about the value of playing game physically as we did and we are missing our days badly. The happiness of playing the game. Click it and the change is so awesome. What was your square export? And when you played it last time

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Mugunthan Govindaraj
@Mugunthan · 1:19
Hi sigh de Wrench, I am fine. Hope you are also fine. Your conveyed things is absolutely correct father, when you are speaking it remembered my childhood age. In my childhood age. Even we don't have the amount to buy a new ball. We have collected each and every one and buy a new ball and we played. But today I can able to buy a ball that whatever we need