Do You Know This Secret of Good Cooking?

Means it can be a man, it can be a woman. There is no gender assigned to it. And I feel that yes, not even I'd rather everyone who cooks with hard becomes a good cook. All mothers are like this. It is this simple thinking that no one should go hungry, be it a family or a stranger makes them best cooks. Because no matter when the food is being prepared, you tell your mother you're not going to eat

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shilpee bhalla
@Shilpi-Bhalla · 2:47
Hello. Good evening, Sagar. As usual, very beautiful spell. So thank you so much in for inviting me on your spell. Have a good weekend
Sagar Bhosale
@sagarbhosale · 4:49


Hello, Shalpiji. Thank you for taking out time. So please I could never ever put my faith. Yes, I do believe in God, but Kurti, so she knows was me very well. I was traveling to Delhi, so that was the first time. It was many years ago. Or I think that is one of the places I took out time. And I actually went and visited that place because it's different. The whole world is aware of the whole work
Swell Team
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Welcome to Swell!

Priya kashyap
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Hello, everyone. Good evening. This is Priya and welcome to my swell. Hello. Sagarjikul. Sahi kaha Kiju. Good food. This is seriously fantastic. Everything she knows we love our mom. And seriously we love our mom. But cooking of food. She's our mom. She's do anything for us. Harmony present. And this is the place where we are wrong. We are seriously wrong. Still we seriously don't care. We don't even think of it
shilpee bhalla
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Sagar Bhosale
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Hello Priya. Thank you for taking out time and giving such a wonderful, you know, reply. It is yes, mother, that's untouchable. But at the same point in time yes, yes. That is a very wrong thing. I don't know, but I guess may mom or dad my sister I live in Bombay. Sorry. Yes. Phone pay, video calls pay. We make it a point that nearly every other day we have a long conversation
Sagar Bhosale
@sagarbhosale · 4:55


Yes. Concept. Hannah in general, they are available for seva merits for some reason, because I was going on the way. And so maybe I will have to outsource the work, but that is okay. But there was a vast difference. She became a very good cook, obviously. She's a career woman. She's she's at a very good level in the government or with me. Garbata
Apurva M
@CuTeStVaMpIrEz · 1:09
Hey, Saraji. How are you? I love the book. I've learned a prop for me, a marwari khana khani. I learned it from my grandmother and my mother. And I always remember remember my grandmother works. When I entered the first time in kitchen to learn all about this. She said cook as if this is your last meal. And cook to impress yourself. And when you cook to impress yourself you give your heart and soul in it
Sagar Bhosale
@sagarbhosale · 1:34


Thank you apurva for taking our time and replying. Yes, you confirming reaffirming the theory that I have in my mind. So thank you for this, you know, just giving it a go. Yes, love. You know, happiness food is associated with primal instincts, actually
shilpee bhalla
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Sagar Bhosale
@sagarbhosale · 1:16


So thank you for taking out time, listening to me and again taking out time and effort to leave a reply. Yes, booking is something which brings out maternal even in the paternal side is what I love to see is because when I cook for my nephew, I am all in the mood, all in the zone and yes, people do love when I cook from barbecues to buy, cook a lot of stuff. Obviously I am from the quick service restaurant industry and that's that
Aryan Kishore 11
@AryanKishore · 0:02
Interesting inside. Learnt or Lord?
Sagar Bhosale
@sagarbhosale · 0:16


Hey, Arian. Thank you. Thank you for taking out time. And yes, for the reply as well. And yes, it is good that you get to you know, you did get to know something new. Please do invite me. You on your way to thank you
pk writer's
@Prakamya · 0:41
Hey Sagar. Thank you so much for inviting me this well seriously, it's very beautiful and it's made to the society right now. Because I saw many any child children like taking care of your mother. You don't have go like that. So I ready go this way and I filled it. Thank you. Bye
Shruti Singh
@Shruti_Singh · 0:57


And I was totally amazed to hear you because this is something that happens in every household of India or maybe in the entire world, because this is a very generous nature that every mom's possess and not just moan. Maybe every person depends on their particular individual. And this is really not something unique, but the moment we realize it and we cherish it, it feels so good. And I guess moms are unbelievable. They are just another piece of good manufacturer. So I guess this is so sweet
Sagar Bhosale
@sagarbhosale · 0:21


Hello. Shruti. Thank you. Thank you for, you know, liking the swell. And, yes, thank you for giving that reply to and, yes, that's how life is all fun and and if you want it and if you don't, it's another story. So thank you. Thank you again
Chatty Girija
@CheersChatty007 · 3:23

Cooking is a handcrafted language of love, devotion and admiration. #cheerschatty #saltforcooking

You eat anything that's made at home or made by someone that you know, you know what kind of mood that they are, what is it that they're trying to tell you? How much you mean to them? And I say this because I see it every day. I have a brand by the name sold for cooking. You can check it out on YouTube and even on Instagram. It's a user generated cooking appreciation platform. All videos are just two minutes
Katie Callahan
@katiecal · 2:31
This is so sweet. This really made me think of my own family, my own mother. I've talked about this a little bit, I think, in my own swells or some other swells, but the person who actually really, like, inspired me to cook was my grandfather. He was a really, really good cook, but he was also the type of person who would have, like, a 30 step recipe for something very complex
Sagar Bhosale
@sagarbhosale · 1:23


Hey, thank you for the wonderful reply. Cheerschatty. Yes, we both are from the same field. I'm also into food industry. I am into a QSR brand, which I established around eleven years nearly. We got like 21 outlets across India Mfcar. So, yes, definitely, I'll just hop onto your website as well, check out a few videos since we are from the same brethren. And yes, thank you. Thank you for this wonderful reply
Sagar Bhosale
@sagarbhosale · 0:34


Hey, Gary. Thank you for reading. A wonderful reply. Thank you for sharing the whole concept of you making cooking mushrooms along with your grandfather. Hope so. You upload a swell on that whole recipe. One day to invite me. Would love to happen also. Yes, you and me, we both know that it is not just the taste of that mushroom which reminds you of that whole experience. It was the whole experience as such
Sagar Bhosale
@sagarbhosale · 0:44


Hello. So sweet, father. I think you are from South India, if I'm not wrong. And are you from Karnataka? As in Koriuka? Mangalore side. Or you're from Kerala? Karla and Putu. My wife is an IR. And yes, they have some amazing delicacies in Kerala as well. So she also had the same experience. She was telling me when she was listening to the swell. An engineer or engineering. She did it in Cohen Betray Park College
Ramya V
@Ramya · 2:10
I would say it is because when mothers cook, they cook it out of unconditional love. They don't look at it as a chore. They send out good wives and their thoughts, their love is all pervading. And I feel it reflects in the food that they cook. So that's probably why. Still, I feel even the best of ramya that I get in Koimba tour isn't as great as the one that my mom makes
Demarkis Klan Destine
@OmegaStrange · 2:08
When they enjoy it, it's like you finished this project that everybody loves. It's a project that you have passion in. This comes from people who enjoys cooking. I enjoy it every now and then. I don't enjoy it like I want to cook every day, but I wish I can get to that point. I wish I was the one that can. Just don't care about eating fast food
Sagar Bhosale
@sagarbhosale · 1:21


So in the vegetarian food that I eat outside or breakfast that I take, it's mostly 60, 70% is south in cuisine. Apart from that, I love Butapa but yeah, that's it. So thank you for reminding me that. Yes, mothers, good ones. And yes. Oh wow. Amazing food over there as well. So thank you. Thank you for catching up
Sagar Bhosale
@sagarbhosale · 1:58


I've been through so many chefs and I recruit them. They end up doing a showcase or calling me over. So I've eaten from so many hands as of today's, Katie. But I feel women this is a bit biased, maybe I have, but women are better cook's is what I feel at the end of the day. Whatever they cook, even if it is a simple lentil and lentil porridge which we have in India, it's called dal or rice
Kanchana Chandran
@Warpedclarity · 5:00


If I go to eat, I don't have the time to sleep, but I want to sleep so I could be fresh and awkward when I'm doing my duty. Oh, by the way, I'm a house in a hospital in Kerala. You do all the grant work. Basically, you're the first person who sees the patient and probably the last person, and he leaves. He or she leaves. You write all the medications, you treat the patient
Sagar Bhosale
@sagarbhosale · 3:34


The ones who are there work abroad. But the kind of thinking or the broader spectrum of thinking that I expected in a state which is high in literacy just again cemented my fact that we as India, as nation have only a literacy program. We don't have an educational program. So that's that there's much more. So please go ahead, have your food and have fun. This is just a phase. You will carry on later on and have a wonderful career ahead of you as well
Binati Sheth
@Binati_Sheth · 2:02


So I think you're absolutely right. Food is not about heart. It is about heart. It is about intent. Because food, having food is such a ritual. Yes, it gets over very quickly, but then think back to days when the food is not prepared on time. There are certain things that we do which is engaged in conversation, offer to help, et cetera, et cetera
Sagar Bhosale
@sagarbhosale · 2:47


So that's like lukewarm water. Add a pinch of salt and pinch of this aldi, gargle it and drink that water. But empty summer that kills mostly. And this is a trained and tested method rather than taking this dolo and citizen etc. But this works a lot. This helps a lot. At least it has worked on all the people who have tried around me. My mom is a doctor in nature, so she's the one who bought this into the family
Binati Sheth
@Binati_Sheth · 0:01

@sagarbhosale Thank you for nuskha. Will try it! Also yes, the converse is definitely true as well.

Sneha Malathi
@NEHAInsight007 · 1:16
But my question is sacrifice of good but when it harms the person itself, do you think it's good? And do we need to change the perception of great mom? Which makes the women in nowadays feels a bit guilty. Can you share your views on it?
Sagar Bhosale
@sagarbhosale · 4:58


Well, definitely two different topics into one Nihau over here. But thank you for bringing the second aspect also, which is quite necessary. It is a stereotype, you can say gender stereotype as well, that women are in the home, they're cooking, they become good cooks and this that the swell is absolutely not about it. Because to begin with, my mom has always been a working mother. She was a teacher in the Municipal Corporation, so it was a government job
Sagar Bhosale
@sagarbhosale · 0:38


Also sorry my manners. Well, thank you for your time on replying. Because again, you taught me something which is another aspect or another perspective, which I just became playing passionate. And I just love sharing that full thinking pattern that I have with you. So please do invite to yourselves as well. Please keep reacting, engaging back because it's just a bunch a full platform. You get to learn so many new things every day, each day, in and out. So thank you
Georgie Dee
@GeorgieDee · 0:53

@sagarbhosale All you need is L❤VE

Love, love. It's easy. All you need is love. BA BA blah blah. All you need is love. Love is all you need. I think the best cooking comes from loads of love. If you put love into your food, you can't go wrong. Also, there's years of experience in studying, cookbooks and learning from your family and learning from other people and practice. But the biggest thing is love. Love. It's easy. All you need is love
Sagar Bhosale
@sagarbhosale · 0:15


Hey. That was such a wonderful reply. I think one of the best ones, in fact, delayed on any of the swells you Singh so well. So thank you. Thank you for confirming on what I already have in mind. So thank thank you for that