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Worst 3rd Film

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"…But Jaws Three, the Revenge, it just solidifies itself in my head as one of the worst movies that just involves any kind of franchise that I enjoyed. I don't know if anyone remembers it, but basically the plot of the film, I believe, is that a new shark chases the family down of the guy who killed the first shark in Jaws. It follows the family of that guy.…"

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Malcolm Gordon

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"…And it shares a similarity to Spiderman Three in that there's like an evil Superman in Superman Three. But the difference is that Superman fights evil Superman. It's just a really bad movie. And I would say it's probably ranks up there as one of the worst films of all time.…"


Taylor J

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"…I think that you can find a few throughout most of the Canon, but this one really screamed to me of we have absolutely no idea what we're doing, and that is the vibe that I had for almost the entirety of the film. It left no Mark on me emotionally other than one of disdain Malcolm. I know he feels a little bit differently than I do, but we don't have to rehash that argument here, but yeah, definitely that one for me.…"



phil spade

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"…It just doesn't even come close. And I remember seeing an interview at some point after the second Godfather was made, and with Francis Ford Coppola, and they had asked him, Will there be a third? And he said no, because the stories already been told. There's nothing left to tell. And I guess money talks right. So there was money to be made. They eventually did make this.…"

Godfather 3


Malcolm Gordon

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"…Godfather Part Three is, yes, definitely on the list of worst third movies, and it actually brings up a point which I think it Superman Three kind of falls along as well in that to be considered a worst third movie, I would have to consider the other two movies to be particularly good, which is why for The Rise of Skywalker. And don't get me wrong, Taylor, it's not a good movie. I think that the whole new trilogy wasn't particularly great.…"


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Worst 3rd Film

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