Russell Bolding

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A Good Cry...


"…There's a phrase I could use, but it's a little kind of dirty anyway. So after last night, the frustration that I had, I just had a bad night. And then today that's Chester, he is the old guard and the young cats like to play with them.…"

Meltdowns are fun! So, how was your day?


Russell Bolding

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"…Now when I'm sitting here thinking about this not sitting here, I'm actually laying my back on the floor with my lovely, sweet Chester. He's propped up against my leg. He's always done this since for the longest time, I'm surrounded by cats just everywhere cats. I would sit there and think because one of my cats, Damon. So sometimes we call him Damon because he's just a demon running around everywhere. Damon or Cat Damon, you can call Cat Damon as well.…"

Continuation of the crying thing... story.

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Bowie Rowan

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"…Maybe that's not true, but it does feel pretty good after a good cry, especially when you've been holding in a lot. And I know for me that's so really difficult because I really like to put my head down and just muscle through and get over it as quickly as possible. Right. But the only way out is through. So thank you for sharing that and reminding me of it as well.…"

A Good Cry...

@Russelltopia · 2yr ago · 4:57


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