Woodstock 99’ - more than a trainwreck

So, yeah, just looking to your thoughts, looking to learn to be a part of the end or the breakdown of the hatred and the cultural just nonsense that has gone on here in this country for so long. I apologize. This is a little bit disjointed

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What does being a white man have to do with anything?

I don't remember. It was one of them. I saw it the other day. I didn't actually said watch it. However, I did watch Woodstock. I believe it was 1995 or 1994. It was one of the ones where if people, whoever are fans of Nine Inch Nails, that was the concert supposedly that put them on the map. So I did watch that Woodstock concert
Debra Barb
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It's a reality of our country. It's on TV, on the news, being recorded, being posted by witnesses in our courts. It's real. So you can choose to acknowledge that or you can choose to not believe it and throw in Luciferianism. I'm not exactly sure how that plays out here in terms of gatherings for music festivals or like a pride parade. But our history in America starts with removing Native Americans from land, from their native land