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My love for naps + a little bit about my day

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So it depends on your sleep schedule where it's at. But I endorse it. Even though it's not really a physical thing, I would suggest trying to take more naps during the day, especially if you take them once every day of the week. I feel like you might feel more productive and more energized. That's how I feel. And honestly, every time I take a nap, my mom is like, oh, my God, it's of how you're taking a nap
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But as they grew older and started to sleep less and maybe pulled a couple of all nighters here and there, I realized how important naps are and how helpful they were, especially like me in particular. I love taking power naps because it's really fast. It's like ten to 30 minutes. And whenever I take a power nap, I completely relax everything like my body, my mind leaving any of my worries behind during that ten to 30 minutes period
Neha M
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I am really bad at falling asleep. It takes me so long to fall asleep, like not insomnia level, but just like a long time. So if I take a nap, I can't take like a 30 minutes nap. But it never works because it takes me, like 15 minutes to fall asleep. And then I'm still not like, deep enough sleep to get a good full nap
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The only thing that I don't really like about an app sometimes is if I take it kind of later in the day, like, 04:00 p.m. Or something, and then I wake up the day kind of feels like different to me. Kind of like I separated if that makes sense. So like, that's the only downfall. But I feel like if I take the nap early enough, then like, my day is fine. And I just feel like, really energized, you know
Ayishah Hasni
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I woke up really early and I had to go somewhere, and then I come back. I will nap. But yeah, now you've convinced me that it's actually good to take more. I think just sleep in general is so important. I know so many people who are just like, they survive on five 4 hours of sleep. And I'm like, how do you live? Because I need sleep to function. I cannot do anything without sleep