Rud S
@rudash · 1:45

how was your day today? + how my day went

It took a while. I kind of messed up the recipe, too. So I was, like, struggling. But then I got there and everything. And then my friend, she loved the cookie so much. So I was really happy. And our picnic was so funny. We got a ketchup and we talked about everything. I literally made a list on my phone for things I wanted to mention, so I wouldn't forget them. And we both had a really fun time
@sylvar · 0:50
There's less of a risk of your cookies burning. So I definitely agree with you on that. And I can't wait to hear your book recommendation on the book you're currently reading because it sounds like you're really good book from what you told me. So I'll definitely stay tuned for that style
Maheen K
@maheen · 0:51
Aw, that sounds so wholesome. It sounds like you had a really good day, and especially it feels so good to catch up with your friends, especially if you haven't seen them for a while. And like seeing them in person, too, because of, like, obviously quarantine and everything. It's been hard for me today was the pretty I want to say, like regular day. I wanted to return these pants that I bought and I looked online and they were open
Neha M
@neha_munje · 1:16
I love this post. Asking about people's days is always a nice way to just bond and get to know them better, even if we were just doing it online. Your day sounded really eventful and fun. Sounded like a good day. Okay, I'm going to talk about my yesterday because you posted it yesterday. Actually, it was quite an eventful day too, compared to literally every other day in my entire year. So that was good