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My comfort movie pt. 2

It's a good movie to ease into, not even really ease, but a good movie to just watch and chill. I don't know if that makes sense, but I guess I just have a very big love for Core line. It's one of my favorite movies I've ever seen. Honestly, I recommend it to anyone who has to watch it, obviously because it is so good in so many different ways
Rud S
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I forget if I mentioned this in my school or not. But I wanted to share a picture of the socks I have, which are obviously Coraline socks. They're so cute. I got them as a gift. And there's actually really a funny story because I was wearing them. And this was when I went to Journeys to buy my converts. I was just trying on the shoes. And the worker there he noticed he was like, oh, my God, this Coraline talks
Neha M
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Yeah. You should make this a series. I love it. You can just list a bunch of comfort movies because I definitely agree. Quelling is really good. When I heard of it when I was a kid, I like, refuse to watch it because I don't like scary movies. And as a kid that's like, one of the scariest movies you could probably think of. Maybe not true. But yeah. And then in grade ten, I actually had a class
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Welcome to Swell!

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So thank you for the idea. And yeah, during Quarantine, we both would just agree to watch it every single night. And it was just, I don't know, we just agree on it every day, but it's really fun. Thank you for coming. My socks
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And it makes sense why Cornwall would want to go there. And I just love the themes within this movie. And I the soundtrack, too. And everything about Coraline. I just love. And I also love Neil Gaiman, who is like, the writer of the Coraline book. And yeah, I just really like Coraline too. And I agree with everything you just said
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Oh, and also I feel like my love for Coraline has, like, everyone kind of noticed it by now because all my friends started gifting me like Coraline related things. Like one of my good friends, Neha, shout out to you, made me like, this Coraline embroidered sweater for my birthday. And I really love it. And also my friends got me, like, pop figures of like, Mr. Bobinsky, and I just thought it was really cute
Sophie B
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Yes. Oh, my God, I love Coraline. Yes. This was everything. I love this. Also, I love this picture that you've put it's so cool
Gabbi Hinrichs
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So I never watched this movie when I was younger because I was always too scared. But actually, this summer was the first time I ever watched it. And like me and my friends, like, watched it. And they set up a projector in my backyard. It was super fun, and it was actually a really good movie. And and I definitely would have been scared about it when I was younger, but rewatching it now it was really good and such a cool concept