Rud S
@rudash · 0:52

rainy weather >>>> any other weather

So just hearing the sound of it and even going outside, it makes me feel so relaxed. And sometimes I even go in the rain. I don't know. Me and my dad. We both have the same love for rain so much, and it's also supposed to be like lightning and thunderstorms. So that's also really fun. And just hearing it outside is so cool, but also scary at the same time. So I don't know

I hope you can hear the sound of the rain since there was probably a lot of background noise as well :/

@sylvar · 0:40
The one thing about rain that kind of hurts me, in a sense, is whenever you have to drive through it because it's kind of scary to drive in the rain, especially when you have to keep on putting the windshield. But other than that, I really like the rain too. And it has really nice background, especially when I the rain hits the window and it makes like this really nice tune. So yeah, definitely agree
Neha M
@neha_munje · 1:06
Totally agree. Rain sounds are super calming, especially at night when you're like in sleepy mode and you can hear the rain. I remember when I was used to go to summer camps as a counselor because I was too scared when I was younger, when it would rain at night, it would be kind of annoying to walk outside with rain jackets and like wet feet from the grass
Maheen K
@maheen · 0:34
I feel like I've never really been a fan of rainy weather just because it always means like having to stay home or like being indoors. And like if you had plans with your friends that was like outdoors or like any plans outdoors and you would have to cancel it or like postpone it. I don't know
Malaika Stanley
@malaikathoughts · 0:06
I completely agree. Rain is the best weather. No debate
Ayishah Hasni
@ayishah.hasni · 0:51
But also when you're reading a book and you're like listening to the rain, and it's like pattering against your window, that's like, the most magical moment ever. I would highly recommend taking time to read next time it's raining. It's just like the clicking noises with the sound of I guess the pages turning is so nice. Nice. Oh my gosh, that's just a random side note, but I love the rain as well. Thank you so much for sharing