Rud S
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A rant about why you should rant and be open :)

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I just find a suggestion for both your mental health and physical health, and I feel like this is better if you go with someone. It doesn't have to be specifically like your mom or dad, like your parents, wife and your siblings or even your closest friends. Taking the time to go out and just have that talk. Having that time to open up about your feelings and that you've been keeping an eye is so helpful
Maheen K
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And it's great that you and your mom are, like, so close and that you can do such things. I'm also really close to my mom. So yeah, I think it's great. And, like, I definitely endorse this
@sylvar · 0:35
And I really resonate with what you're saying. And it really makes me want to go on a walk right now and call up my friends and just hang out and just like I just enjoy the moment and stuff. So I completely agree with everything you say. And I love listening to this. Well
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Welcome to Swell!

Ayishah Hasni
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You're honestly so right. Taking the time to talk to people is so good, especially during this pandemic. I definitely want to go out and do more walks. And I totally agree that it's more fun when you go with somebody like it doesn't have to be a parent or anything like that. But yeah, honestly, I sometimes need this reminder. So thanks so much for sharing. And I love renting, not even just talking, just renting in general
Zoya A
@ZoyAmol · 1:34
But the most important thing is that the people who are there with us, they can spend time with us in real, and we ought to take out time from our busy schedule and just take a gap, take a tour away from our mobile and see how beautiful this world is and how beautiful these people are who care for us, whatever else. And I think so. I'm also very much close to my mom