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aesthetic pic + another rant/talk

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And for me, I feel like the criteria is like, if it's a book that from the first page, I feel connected with, it's a book that I'm immediately interested in. If it's a book that I just can't put down the minute I pick it up, that's just a book I will love. And especially if it's a book that I couldn't think about a lot. And I kind of wanted to say this is the other thing I rants to mention

to make it easier, i suggest speeding up the audio since i talked for so long :/

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And I was like, maybe I should go and say Hi because I haven't talked in a while. But then I never did. And then the next day, he's one who texted me and just asked how I was doing it was really weird because I was just thinking about it. And then he ended up doing it. So those moments are really interesting, like, they're super fun that it just randomly happens like that
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I agree. I feel like reading is so like it's a different experience. And people should try to pick up reading even though, like, it's hard, like maybe just read a page a day or something or like, read a book once in a while because it's very relaxing. And it's very like a different thing. It's just like a new world
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Oh, my God, I love that picture you should go into, like, photography or something, because that is top tier. And I love it so, so much, very nice. Very, very nice