Joel Nest
@RuckUp · 0:08

Debunking conspiracy theories you have ever heard

Debunking conspiracy theories what to you is the most prolific conspiracy theory you've ever heard

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Rina Henderson
@Ele.ment20 · 0:09
That the first moon landing was fake and we never made it to the Moon the first place because the Moon is inside here
Cee Starrz
@FaeryNuff8 · 0:14
I don't know about prolific, but the biggest conspiracy theory that I can think of is that Avril Levine died a few heard ago, and they replaced her with some type of strange body double
Swell Team
@Swell · 0:15

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Bromar P
@ElBromar · 0:36
One conspiracy theory I would think that I could debunk easily is that the government cloned Gucci Man, in which honestly, the government has no business in cloning a rapper. What would be the goal and purpose of cloning him? And also, I get it he had a change in body type or he lost weight. So I I still wouldn't understand why people would say that the government Konbuchi, Maine
@mynameiskaleb · 0:07

I prefer dinosaur Earth theory myself.

I would have to say the most prolific and most ridiculous one I've ever heard is the Flat Earth theory
Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 0:12

Bill Gates is behind the coronavirus - thank you Q-Anon. Good grief!

Ah, one of the worst conspiracy theories is that Bill Gates is behind the Coronavirus, and QAnon is behind the conspiracy, that Bill Gates is behind the Coronavirus. Bad, bad, bad
Brett Mastema
@dontstartwithme · 0:46

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What does prolific mean? I guess I could look it up. Okay. I just asked Alexa. And prolific means something about being fruitful. So I would say the most prolific that I currently know of would be the one that QAnon is following because it just seems to suck people in to that ridiculousness. But that would be the most prolific because it started with the Illuminati bullshit from that surround World War II ending era. Okay. That's my story