John Thomas

@RSNStudios·4mo ago·4:38

Who is dumb enough to cheat on Shakira?

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"…It's asinine it makes me want to take my back of my hand and just go right across his jawline. It's insane. It really is. And I'm not one to worship celebrities and all that, but there are certain ones that I can't help. Shakira is one of them. She is freaking sexy as all. She can definitely perform. And, you know, if you seen her, you know what I'm talking about.…"

Apparently Gerard Pique is, and he’s a moron for doing so!

Taylor J

@Taylor · 4mo ago · 1:07

"…John the Swell made me laugh. I'm a big football fan, so this has been the talk of the town, as you can probably imagine, Gerard and I. I. Why am I saying Gerard? He goes by PK. Pk and Shakira have been like the football power couple for eleven years. Ten years at the very least. They're always seen on TV.…"

Brandon Novara

@theaveragejoe · 4mo ago · 1:31

"…Music. Okay, so I got a two part answer for this. One part is, I have no idea, because I've saw the article and pictures and I said to myself, Dude, you're going to cheat on Shakira. She might be crazy and she might be insane, maybe, but she seems pretty cool. Looks very cool. And you're going to cheat on her again. We don't know everything. I'm not a big supporter of cheating.…"


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