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Rohit "ROSH" Sharma
@Foodographer · 4:56

Solo Travel yes no Lets make it happen for "YOU"

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research? your destination? make a plan? for your trip? this will help you feel? more confident? and prepared? when you are if stasavjustssav by how safety should always be privity? ven traveling? alone? be aware? of your rounding? stein? well? lit? areas? and a white walking? alownatnight? connect? with locals? and imprese? solar time? solo? travel? can be great amfortunity? for? self? reflection? personal? growth? imprese? that time?

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Gaurav Chauhan
@Gaurav1106 · 3:38
a lot? for work? you travel? a lot? because you work? and you been? to multiple? places? that s? how you have always stoles? i live? in bangalore? and if you have not in karnataka? but any? where? apart? from karnataka? if you think that there is a place? which you feel that i should wis it you let? me? now? on that that⁇s going to be something i want to try so ive completed kerala ive completed tamilnad ive ant to pondycardganal kerala completly karnatka completly? there is beautiful? at most? beauty? in? south india? with say? please? is like year, cardan? still have in gon? cabiniriver? i have gone? cabine? something? i have? on my bucket list? but again? that is something? i would want? to do it? my family? i just want to be a place? where i can go? may be? in the night? have a cup? lobiersmake? some new friends? have chitchat completely? by myself so? if you have a place? in mind? even? if it is not in south india? you let me? know i will try to do? it? but whatever? it is? prefidably? over? just? a weekend? and thank you? so much for posting? this mon? its always gread? to her your swealth?
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