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Rohit "ROSH" Sharma
@Foodographer · 4:59

Narcissistic Behaviour. Identifying of Red flag for many, before its too late..

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Narcissistic individuals may have poor boundaries and may not respect your boundaries either. They may invade your personal space. I expect you to be available to them 24 by seven. They won't pick up the phone, they won't reply. You on time, but they want you to do the same opposite of what they do to you. So if you notice any of these red flag guys in your relationship, it's important to take them seriously

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Swati Sharma
@Swatiselflove · 2:35
So when a child throws tamper tantrums or if he behave like a Troyant or if he behave like a bully in the school and when he comes back home and tells his mother that I did this, and he's being supported by his parents or by his siblings and they try to shroud his behavior. This eventually leads him when he grows up, it makes him transforms him into a sadistic personality or a highly egoistic being. So these are certain patterns of behavior that one needs to be watchful for
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Love Live Learn
@LoveLiveLearn · 0:59
Hi, Rohit. Great share indeed. Great inputs. Very well described. The different qualities that can help us identify narcissistic behaviour. Red flag its same time. And I think you mentioned about this as well in your swell. Narcissistic behavior is actually a disorder which must be assessed and diagnosed by a psychologist. Only then we can confirm this is actually a disorder and not just by observing these behaviors
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