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Premier League

Hi, everybody. This is Vince Tracy, broadcaster, podcaster and teacher. Love talking with my friends about the English Premier League and the La Liga here in Spain. So if you want to check out the podcasts, then join me at www. Dot. Vince, Tracy. Com. Have a nice day

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Hello fellow PL fan!

The top half of the table is wow. It's definitely stressful. And if I were in one of those European slots right now, I would be a bit worried for consistency and form. At any rate. Good to have you here and I'll be talking to you more. I'm sure
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@vincetracy chatting with@taylor with #liverpool derby next up. Good luck t

Hi, Taylor, this is Vince, and we are in Spain. We have folks in Sunny, California, in Palm Springs, but they've moved now to Los Angeles, and so we still obviously keep the connections. Anyway, my team is Liverpool, and the podcast that we make every week we look at various issues around football and then we look at the past week's results. And then we look at the predictions for this week's results
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Welcome to Swell!

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Will definitely check out the podcast!

I don't have incredibly high hopes for the game tomorrow. But what I would like to see is the boys put in a solid shift and try to capitalize on those opportunities that we have really been missing as of late. I can think back to maybe four or five games in the last couple of months where the opportunities were there. We didn't take them and as a result, that was it. The game was out of our control