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Rob Pierson
@robpierson · 4:51

Wondering if you are DOING right vs. wondering if you are BEING right.

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And it has a lot to do, at least for me, with considering the impact that I have on other people and taking them into consideration, seeing I can serve them or an organization or a group and see if I'm doing the right things, see if I'm adding value, seeing if I'm in the right place with them, if my intentions are good, things like that. It's very outward focus

A self-reflection about being at peace with yourself and how that affects the way serve others. #confidence #peace #serving #selfesteem #leadership

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Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 2:35


So I think you're positing the idea that knowing you are okay with you is very important to settle into before you go and let that person in. You inform what you do and interact with others. So I think it's a beautiful circle, but I never try to separate myself from the opinions of others as a sport of, like, I don't care what people think
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