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One of us is Lying by Karen M McManus

Hi, everyone. This is Riah. Soheni I will be reviewing a book called One of US Is Lying by Karen McNally. One One of US Is Lying by young adult suspends thriller book about a murder investigation. There are four major suspects, Nate, Abby, Cooper and Bronwyn, who are in the detention center. When Simon dies, Simon is one of their classmates. The narration of the book shifts from one shoulder to the other

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I just love that book. It's like one of my all time favorite books. It's about a schoolgirl Pip who reopened a model case. So like five years ago from the present five years ago, this girl named Andy Bell was murdered, but her body was never found. And this guy, her friend Sal thing is found guilty because he suicides two days later after Andy's death. So the police closed the case saying Sal murdered Andy and that's it
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I had to, like, sort of call my friend immediately and tell her how how surprised I was, like how I didn't even expect that. So I think if you really want to go for something like that, you could and I would definitely give this one a read. Thank you so much
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Hi Riyasohini Tabas a wonderful outline of the book. I am really impressed by your review. And I, you know, with the first half of your swell, I really, really wanted to, you know, start at the book right now and especially the part where you told that people who love the thriller genre books, especially for the biggest revelation. I am that kind of a person. I am a sucker for thrillers
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But other than that, it was a very beautiful read because it gets you invested. It disappoints you right at the end. But throughout those 28 chapters in the beginning, you get really invested and it's really interesting. But also, if you like a sort of revelations, you could always go read The Woman in the Window. It has this amazing by AJ Finn. It has this amazing plot twist, which had me at least open mouse for long