Riaz S
@Riaz · 1:27

Death Rate vs New Cases of COVID

Okay, guys, I'm a little bit confused here. Number one. I know there's all these new cases going up of Kobe and, you know, can anyone here explain to me? I'm telling you from Stats in Oklahoma and the state of Oklahoma, our new cases rates have gone up ten times than what it was in April, and it was like, so low until June 5

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Andrew Jacques
@swolllow · 0:57
Honestly, there's no one explanation for that question. However, there are factors that can be influencing the spike of the disease, which means people not wearing masks, people attending protests, close contact with each other. The backlog in the lab tests. I remember I had a test done, and it took an entire week for that test to return as a negative. Thankfully, I actually live in Rhode Island, where we don't have has many cases, and however, they're still spiking here
phil spade
@Phil · 1:54
He also said the disease could be mutating into something that is not as deadly, but at the end of the day, just not enough data to really know exactly why the death rate has been been going down, but definitely a definitely a good time